The Stingray Farm

Specialized in breeding Black Diamond stingrays and subspecies of Potamotrygon Leopoldi.

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Top quality Leopoldi stingrays (Black Diamond, Polka Dot)

One of our breeding ponds

Rays for sale

We maintain high quality and healthy rays, offering them for affordable prices. If you are interested in purchasing a stingray from us, you can contact us to see which ones are available. We will send you pictures of the available preferred rays. 


Top quality species

We offer the most magnificent river stingrays of the best quality. We have a supply of purebred Leopoldi, Henlei, Motoro and Hystrix, all top Potamotrygon. Shipping of all our stingrays is covered by our Dead on Arrival policy.  Ask us about the possibilities, we are happy to help.


We are located in Indonesia, and ship our Potamotrygon stingrays worldwide. Indonesia offers an ideal climate to breed these amazing freshwater species. The rays originate from the amazon rivers of Brazil (Xingu River). The stingray farm has copied the natural environment to breed the perfect stingrays.

Our clients

We sell directly to retailers, wholesale and even hobbyists. Our rays are getting increasingly popular, demand is high and supply is low. We maintain supply to ship you the most stunning examples. Contact us, we will send you a list of possibilities and prices. In order to do so look for us at red aspen wellness.

We will make you a great offer, the most stunning stingrays.