Leopoldi Stingray (Black Diamond) – Potamotrygon Leopoldi  

Other common names: Polka Dot Stingray, Leopoldi Stingray, Black Diamond, P13, P62

Average Fish Size (adult):  60 cm or 24 inches

Place of Origin: Rio Xingu (river) and Rio Fresco in Brazil.

Origin of Black Diamond Stingray

Leopoldi Stingray are the most impressive freshwater species. Laws forbidding the export of the stingrays from Brazil are causing the price of this magnificent stingray to rise.


Characteristics of the Black Diamond

Black Diamond identification

Although the Black Diamond does not have an official description, these are the most desirable appearances:

– Brighter white spots on the disc (in a consistent pattern)

– Edge-spotting (spots around the edge of the disc)

– Belly spotting (dark black/dark gray spots at the bottom of the disc at later age)

– The base black colour is more intense

– Usually the iris of the eye is white  

Subcatagories of the Black Diamond

There are three subcategories of the Black Diamond stingray:

1 Thousand Island:

The Thousand Island Black Diamond ray is often referred to as TI. This variety has many bright spots on the disc, with some larger spots in the middle.

Thousand islands blach diamond leopoldi

2 Eclipse:

The pattern of the Eclipse has evolving spots that turn into bright white rings filled with black spots. Often these rings show unique shapes like arcs and lines.

Stingray Black Diamond Eclipse

 3 Big Spot:

The Big Spot´s pattern has large bright white spots that do not have any characteristics of the Eclipse or Thousand Island varieties.

Stingray Black Diamand Big Spot 

 How to set up a tank for rays

Potamotrygon Rays (the river stingrays) are among the most extraordinary fish available for freshwater aquarists. Ordinary rays could be challenging to keep, although these species are often kept with considerably greater success than other rays.

Filtration and tank size are the most important factors of a ray tank set-up. Use an efficient filter (biological). The temperature should be maintained between 20 – 29 degrees C., or  68 – 88 F. A tank size capacity of 1000 litres or 265 gallons is recommended as a minimum size. Creating ideal aquarium water chemistry will help your stingray to thrive. A water chemistry of pH 6.0 – 7.5 is advised. Dimmed lighting is sufficient to keep rays, create a natural looking environment (using river sand).

Compatible tank mates for stingrays

Rays are predators, but prefer a quiet and peaceful life, they will thrive when aggressive and territorial companions do not surround them. Stingrays are quiet fish and prefer to avoid conflict. Many medium sized to larger non- aggressive fish are compatible. Arawana´s , Gongo Tetras, Silver dollars, Peacock bass and Oscars are among many good companions for stingrays.

Compatible mates Black diamond Stingray

Black diamond feeding

Wild rays normally feed on other fish and invertebrates such as crustaceans and worms. Also small fish and shrimp are good meals. They are known for their big appetite and will need feeding at least twice a day. An exclusively meat diet is preferred for these rays to thrive.

Diet of Black diamond Stingray